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Vintage Hungarian Film & Propaganda Posters

Against the backdrop of an authoritarian regime and its Soviet-imposed policies, the Hungarian people revolted. The 1956 revolution was the first major threat to Soviet power since the Second World War.

Following the revolution, the ‘Hungarian Thaw’ led to Hungary withdrawing from the Warsaw Pact. Next the new government instituted economic reforms and rolled back the secret police state. Artists could make powerful political statements in their art without fear of reprisal from the state. Lesser known than their Polish and Czechslovak counterparts, Hungarian artists like Gábor Papp, István Balogh and László Sós created striking film and propaganda posters with contrasting colours and powerful slogans.

A Keve Art Exhibition | Hungary | 1984£200.00
Queen - Live in Budapest | Hungary | 1988£650.00
Call Me Lawyer | Hungary | 1967£650.00
Budapest Art Week | Hungary | 1972£450.00
Dutch Housing Architecture | Hungary | 1973£250.00
International Horse Racing | Hungary | 1980£400.00
Red - Yellow Means Stop! | Hungary | 1968£1,000.00
We Men | Hungary | 1973£600.00
National Hunting Exhibition | Hungary | 1960£800.00
Advertising in Hungary | Hungary | 1968£500.00
Rocky Horror Picture Show | Hungary | 1988£400.00
International Women's Day | Hungary | 1971£850.00
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