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Theatre Time: Vintage Theatre Posters

In the Soviet Union, theatre was controlled by the state. Theatre wasn’t just entertainment, it taught the audience to think, to read between the lines. The characters portrayed were common Soviet citizens, while the ideas conveyed were based on honesty, modesty, and the the common good.

The state turned to artists to come up with posters to advertise plays and theatre productions. They are often characterised by bright colours and hidden symbolism.

Coppelia | Poland | 1970s£300.00
Do Not Awaken the Lady | Bulgaria | 1970s£950.00
Judges of Themselves | Bulgaria | 1970s£1,000.00
ABBA | Czechoslovakia | 1979£950.00
In the White Horse Inn | East Germany | 1982£150.00
The Splendor & Death Of Joaquin Murieta | Poland | 1971£500.00
Phenomena in Hotel Room #425 | Bulgaria | 1970s£1,000.00
Tim & Bim | Russia | 1966£500.00
Kalisz Theater Festival | Poland | 1971£400.00
Beautiful Maria | Bulgaria | 1970s£1,100.00
My Wife Inge & my Mistress Schmidt | East Germany | 1985£400.00
The Four Poster Bed | East Germany | 1974£350.00
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