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Playing with Type: Vintage Soviet Typography Posters

In the wake of the 1917 revolution, Soviet designers saw it as their patriotic duty to create an entirely new artistic language in service of their new socialist utopia. Art was a reflection of a modern, industrial society. It had no place in an artist’s studio, or even in a museum. 

Artists treated typography as a visual element in and of itself. It communicated, engaged and entertained. Typefaces were readable, but they didn’t sit on a page like anything that had come before. Words were kaleidoscopic, with dynamic rhythmic designs that represented machine-age modernity. Read more

Frantic | Poland | 1988£350.00
State Administration of the Ministry of Space Communications | Russia | 1979£250.00
"We will not Retreat from our Line on Peace!" M.S. Gorbachev | Russia | 1986£150.00
67th Anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution | Poland | 1984£500.00
ABBA | Czechoslovakia | 1979£950.00
A Delicacy - Carp | East Germany | 1957£200.00
Lenin's Party Shows the Way | Ukraine | 1983£150.00
Horizons | Germany | 1974£550.00
Tim & Bim | Russia | 1966£500.00
The Lonely White Sail | East Germany | 1978£250.00
Communist Party, Peace | Russia | 1983£300.00
Call Me Lawyer | Hungary | 1967£650.00
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