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Young Pioneers: Vintage Soviet Youth Propaganda Posters

Tying a red handkerchief around your neck was a source of pride in the USSR. On public holidays, millions of Soviet children would march down wide avenues in sprawling parades, singing patriotic songs and saluting banners of Lenin. Young Pioneers were the Soviet’s answer to the Girl and Boy Scouts of America, but they were much more political.

Membership was voluntary. But it was considered a rite of passage by parents and children alike. Millions of children would spend months learning anthems and bylaws by heart before attending a solemn oath swearing ceremony at their regional Pioneers Palace. With striking colours and simple slogans, posters show Young Pioneers raising animals, protecting the environment, and helping the elderly. Read more

9th May - Holiday of Victory! | Russia | 1989£100.00
Learning is Your Main Focus | Russia | 1980£100.00
Be Faithful to the Fatherland Flag | Ukraine | 1985£150.00
19th May - Pioneers Alliance! | Russia | 1989£100.00
Peaceful Skies For Children of the Earth | Ukraine | 1986£300.00
Reading is the Best Form of Teaching | Russia | 1980£100.00
Children, Caution! | Russia | 1980£100.00
Komsomol | Russia | 1980£100.00
Teddy Bear in Space | Lithuania | 1980£500.00
Us Millions are the Pioneers of the Soviet Union's | Russia | 1980s£100.00
This Friendship was Given to Us by the Great Lenin for all Time | Russia | 1980s£100.00
The Robbers | Ukraine | 1980£450.00
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