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The Ethics Behind Art: Our Commitment to Freedom and Equality

Comrade Kiev exists to shine light on the unfamiliar, and to share stories that illustrate the beauty of Soviet design. But sometimes shining a light on the unfamiliar means we must confront the unacceptable. 

In some countries we’ve visited, the authorities regularly crack down on the media, harass peaceful protesters, engage in smear campaigns against political rivals, and ban independent foreign organisations. 

Our commitment to freedom and equality is unwavering. For that reason, we’ve chosen to donate 2% of all revenue to Human Rights Watch, an independent, non-profit NGO that exists to give voice to the oppressed and hold those responsible accountable. 

We choose to donate a percentage of revenue instead of profit, quite simply because there isn’t much profit at the moment. We’re a small business, our focus is on growth, but our ethical duty cannot wait. We’ll continue to increase that percentage by 1% every year until 10% of all revenue goes to supporting causes that we hold close. 

We believe in conscious capitalism. The days of creating value for the only shareholder at the expense of our environment and human rights are over. In the next few weeks, we'll also share more about our journey to carbon neutrality

Shop our peace & freedom themed posters below or explore the collection here.

Communist Party, Peace | Russia | 1983£300.00
Let Atoms Serve Peace, Not War | Russia | 1974£550.00
Youth of the Planet, Fight for Peace | Russia | 1985£150.00
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How We're Building a Purpose Led Business

In 2019, we made the decision to donate 1% of all Comrade Kiev’s revenue to causes that align to our values. Every year, we’re increasing that percentage by 1% until 10% of revenue goes towards supporting impactful causes As a small business, every dollar counts, but our moral obligation cannot wait.


We’ve Integrated with Klarna to Make Art More Accessible

Soviet posters were often printed by their thousands. But most were thrown away when the movie or movement was over. The rest usually ended off in attics or basements where water, termites and time slowly destroyed them. The posters that survive today, in good condition, are increasingly rare.


How We’re Building a Carbon Neutral Business

The world needs to move fast to make a difference in the fight against climate change. We all leave an impact on the planet, so we can all play a part in preventing climate change. Comrade Kiev is built around the principle of celebrating objects already in existence rather than creating something new.


My Journey from Fintech to Fine Art

Before studying business, I studied art. For the last 8 years, I’ve put art to one side in the pursuit of financial stability. It wasn’t something I had growing up, but I knew I wanted to return my focus to art once I had it. My return to art began in 2018. It started with a single poster from a flea market.

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