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Where to Buy Original Soviet Art

Art tells the stories of humanity. Russian artist, Kandinsky, said that “each period of culture produces an art of its own which can never be repeated.” Through art, it becomes possible to chart the events that shaped and defined the Soviet Union - from the Bolshevik revolution, to the rise of Stalin, and finally the fall of the USSR. The bold colours of Soviet propaganda posters along with their increasing rarity, make them a sought-after collectors item. Here’s where you can find and buy vintage Soviet art.

Flea Markets

I’ve spent that last year travelling around many of the countries that make up the former USSR in search of original posters for my own collection, and to sell…of-course. On a crisp Saturday morning, on the outskirts of many former Soviet cities, you’ll sometimes strike gold. Keep an eye out for posters that are smaller than an A2, as they are copies of originals. Happy hunting!

International Poster Gallery

For almost a quarter of a decade, the fine folks at International Poster Gallery have been collecting and selling rare posters in Boston. Owner Jim Lapides was decorating his home and fell in love with vintage Italian posters. After over 20 years in corporate life, his passion for posters led to a second career when he opened the International Poster Gallery in 1994. He spent many years tracking down rare Italian posters, including striking gold with the famous Campari posters. Shop Soviet art at International Poster Gallery

Online Marketplaces 

eBay, 1stDibs, and Etsy are online marketplaces where it’s possible to find rare posters. Once you’ve refined your search, you'll find a wide variety of posters which range from quite inexpensive to grossly overpriced. Keep an eye out for drop-shippers who sell reprints. Shop Soviet art at 1stDibs


Like Jim from International Poster Gallery, Kirill Kalinin worked in the corporate world - finance. His interest in original vintage posters started in 1993 when he saw an exhibition at the Guggenheim in New York - The Great Utopia: The Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde. The boldness and sheer visual impact of the exhibition made a lasting impression, and Kirill started collecting work. In 2010, he founded AntikBar, a gallery in Notting Hill, London. Shop their Soviet collection. Shop Soviet art at Antikbar

Comrade Kyiv

For me, it started with a single poster, a souvenir from a trip to Ukraine. Over the past few years, I've explored many of the countries that make up the former USSR — from far flung frozen villages in Kazakhstan, to boiling backstreet bazaars in Georgia. My collection kept growing and soon it grew into Comrade Kyiv. 

I’m focused on building a company that stands true to the values I hold close. Comrade Kyiv is carbon neutral and donates 10% of all revenue to Human Rights Watch. We specialise in rare, original posters from the USSR - including film, propaganda, theatre, travel and advertising. We also offer free worldwide shipping - tracked and insured. Shop Soviet art at Comrade Kyiv

April 4th | Hungary | 1976£650.00
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Further Reading


East vs West: A Comparison of Soviet & American Cold War Posters

As the dust of WWII settled, the uneasy peace between the Western superpowers and the USSR was faltering. Tensions escalated as both sides built ever bigger nuclear arsenals. But, artists weren’t confined to the sidelines. They were fighting an ideological war, using propaganda to win the hearts of their own people and to sway opinions beyond their borders.


Soviet Propaganda Posters are Undervalued. Here's Why

Thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, its legacy lives on through propaganda posters. These posters are more than just propaganda; they reflect the cultural narrative and values of the Soviet era, providing a glimpse into the Soviet mindset. Despite their creativity and historical significance, these posters are often undervalued when compared to Western posters from the same time period. Here’s why that’s so.


Decoding the Most Common Symbols Found in Soviet Propaganda

Symbols are a powerful cultural language, used to convey complex ideas with simplicity and elegance. Soviet artists were masters of this language, using symbols in their art to create powerful and evocative images that could be understood at first glance. Their art was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also emotionally resonant, striking a chord with audiences and leaving a lasting impression.


Intourist Travel Posters - How the USSR Used Propaganda to Drive Tourism

Intourist held a monopoly on tourism in the USSR. As the only tourism agency in the Soviet Union, Intourist was responsible for attracting and accommodating all tourists. Like every other industry or ideal in the USSR, Intourist used propaganda to advance its agenda. Posters targeted western audiences. They portrayed the Soviet Union as a glamorous and exotic land rather than a country of labourers and peasants.
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