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Propagandising the Healthy: Vintage Propaganda Posters

In the USSR, healthcare was especially important. The population needed to be strong, healthy and productive. Armies of people were needed to work on farms and produce machinery so that the Socialist utopia could be realised.

Bright colours and striking graphics were a common theme of the posters which were developed in the hopes of communicating to an often illiterate population. Poster artists including Viktor Semyonovich Ivanov and Gustav Klutsis created posters which advised on how to prevent diarrhea, not to drink unclean water, and to temper nipples with cold water. They were hung in nurseries, hospitals, and schools across the country. Read more

Early Cancer is Treatable | Lithuania | 1980£500.00
Your Collection is the Piggybank of Knowledges | Russia | 1980s£100.00
Drug Addiction is Suicide | Ukraine | 1988£1,250.00
Eat Regularly in Moderation | Lithuania | 1972£250.00
Blood is the Gift of Lifes | Poland | 1970s£300.00
Papa, Don't Drink | Russia | 1989£500.00
Red Cross | Poland | 1970£200.00
Smoking is Healthy? | Lithuania | 1984£400.00
Pioneering Health Services | Russia | 1980s£100.00
Condoms Protect You | Poland | 1978£500.00
Anti-smoking | Lithuania | 1985£450.00
Katapult Petrol | Czechoslovakia | 1955£200.00
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