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Polish School of Posters: Vintage Film & Propaganda Posters

The Polish School of Posters was a loose collective of artists which were commissioned by the government to create film & propaganda posters. Artists were given a broadly ‘anti-western’ brief but left otherwise to their own devices.

The Polish School of Posters is as famous for its striking visual style as its scathing politics. Despite their propagandist intent, posters of the Polish School rely heavily on visual metaphors which often reveal a much more subversive message. Perhaps the most famous of these is the CYRK posters, many of which contain coded images criticising the Soviet regime. Vintage posters from renown Polish poster artists like Hubert Hilscher, Mieczyslaw Wasilewski, and Jakub Erol offer rare insight into the tension between political expression and artistic freedom. Read more

Hello, Taxi! | Poland | 1976£500.00
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